Kia GDS Basic Kit

KIA’s dealer-level OEM diagnostic and programming solution.

This is the only OEM diagnostic tool for comprehensive coverage on all KIA vehicles, including hybrids. Connect the GDS to a PC for complete diagnostics, analysis, and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. KIA is one of the fastest growing vehicle platforms in the United States. If you’re seeing an increase in these models at your shop, meet your complete KIA diagnostic solution.

The KIA GDS interface can operate as the Hyundai OEM diagnostic solution. Separate software and adapters required.


The system offers total diagnostic coverage of all engine, chassis and body systems
Reading and re-setting of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).
Real-time reading of dynamic data.
Full component activation clearing and re-setting of adaptation values
Coding of all engine, chassis, body and instrumentation modules
Key configuration


PC Based: PC required
Model Year Coverage: 1994 to Current.
PC Recommendation: AE Tools i7 Durabook Custom Laptop
Service Information:
Software License is purchased through AE Tools

What’s in the Box?

User Manual
Carrying Case
VCI Module
Trigger Module
Cable-Mini USB Cable
Cable-DLC Adapter
Cable – Battery Power Extension
AC-DC Power Adapter