Diagnostic Tools bought thru AE Tools & Computers include LIFETIME On-Car Technicial support FREE for the life of the tool! 

*Euro tools require yearly support fee.

Jaltest InfoOnline – 1 Year Subscription


Jaltest InfoOnline contains in-depth technical information for all-makes and all-models including images, pictograms, graphics, and diagrams for any vehicle to be diagnosed and repaired. This detailed collection of information will help to identify the fault codes, specific locations, and visualize component images for a timely and successful repair. All just one click away. This complete module includes:

  • Diagnostics (troubleshooting by fault code)
  • System Technical Data
  • Diagrams
  • Vehicle Technical Data
  • Vehicle Service Data
  • Troubleshooting by symptoms (diagnostics)
  • Releases and Procedures (TSBs)
  • Component Replacement Guides
  • Manual Diagnosis
  • Component Replacement Guides.