Hyundai GDS Mobile Interface Kit WithTablet

This is the latest OEM diagnostic set up for comprehensive coverage on all Hyundai vehicles. The tablet-based system offers full wireless diagnostics, all dealers-level functions, DTC analysis, programming, key registration and more. New vehicle software management technology allows technicians to quickly and easily check and update every electronic system in the car. The new GDS II also boosts speeds over two times faster than the previous GDS tool.

*For complete coverage both the GDS and GDS II are required.

User Manual, Tablet, Carrying Case, VCI Module, Trigger Module,
Cable-Mini USB Cable, [26pin -16pin] Cable-DLC, [16pin-20pin(R)] Adapter,
[16pin -12pin] Cable-DLC, Cable – Battery Power Extension, (10-8-2) Adapter
(self-test) Adapter, 6p–DC jack, AC-DC Power Adapter

The Hyundai GDS interface can also operate as the KIA OEM diagnostic solution.
Separate software, dedicated PC or a PC with partitioned hard drive, tablet and adapters required.