Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 Tread Depth & Brake Analysis Tool

The MaxiTPMS TBE200 is a laser-enabled tire tread depth & brake disc wear examiner that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements. Measure brake disc wear without having to remove tires. It features a 1.65” AMOLED super retina touchscreen, displaying measurement data curves in real-time. TBE200 provides uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions for quick tire service. The TBE200 dual cameras enable users to document tire wear and damage and scan Tire Identification Number (TIN). Use the tool separately, or with ITS600 to view and print detailed TPMS reports.



• Tire tread depth & brake disc wear check in one tool, no need to remove the wheel during measurement

• Laser measurement with 0.1mm accuracy

• Full tread measurement

• Quick Check both tread depth & brake disc



• Real-time measurement data on touchscreen

• Measurement data curve display

• Uneven wear analysis

• Test detail for single tire tread / brake disc

• Detailed replacement & maintenance suggestions (tire/brake disc replacement, tire rotation/alignment servicing)

• Scan DOT, tire expiration notice, tire recall lookup

• Take photos of tire wear & damage



• Comprehensive Test Report: TPMS health, Tire tread depth & brake disc wear characteristics & Repair tips (Requires ITS600)