Diagnostic Tools bought thru AE Tools & Computers include LIFETIME On-Car Technicial support FREE for the life of the tool! 

*Euro tools require yearly support fee.

Autel MaxiAP AP100 OBDII Connector

The MaxiAP AP100 to make your iOS or Android device into a powerful diagnostic tool. The MaxiAP AP100 package includes a Bluetooth (BT) OBDII connector and a free app to scan the vehicle’s powertrain to monitor its performance. It is the perfect Do-It-Yourself tool for customers looking for quick and easy OBDII diagnostics. It is compatible with European, Asian, and U.S. OBDII/EOBD-enabled vehicles, 1996 and newer. Notable features include reading/clearing DTCs, Mode 6, 1/M readiness, freeze frame and live data, retrieve vin, repair reports, O2 sensor monitor and vehicle status.