Autel IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System

The MaxiSys IA800 Intelligent ADAS Calibration Tool enables frame placement in as little as 1 minute to make your ADAS calibrations faster, more accurate, and endlessly repeatable. This professional Optical Positioning System for the Autel Standard Calibration Frame includes 6 high-resolution cameras, wheel clamps, and targets.

The fastest and most precise calibration frame positioning without mechanical measurement. The Autel Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System features six high-resolution cameras to deliver 3-dimensional adjustment for the most accurate frame centering and vehicle distance recognition. Compatible with your existing Autel Standard Calibration Frame, and designed for seamless integration, this new component system optically measures two-wheel clamp targets to significantly cut down setup time and increase placement precision. Most extensive Camera, Radar, Lidar, and Night Vision Calibration Coverage in the industry.


  • Intelligent Optical Positioning System for Autel Standard Calibration Frame
  • Includes 6 Hi-res Cameras, Wheel Clamps, Targets, and Power Supply
  • Complete ADAS Calibration Frame Positioning in as Little as 1 Minute
  • Do Away with Mechanical Measurements
  • Significantly Reduce Setup Time and Increase Positioning Accuracy
  • Ideal for Collision Repair, Glass Replacement, and Repair Shops
  • Fast, Accurate, and Infinitely Repeatable
  • Check Alignment Tolerances Prior to Calibration
  • One-year Limited Warranty
  • Calibration frame NOT Included with Purchase


  • 6 Hi-res Cameras
  • Wheel Clamps
  • Targets
  • Power Supply