Autel ADAS All Systems 2.0 Package

The Autel ADAS ALL SYSTEMS 2.0 Package features a heavy-duty calibration frame, ADAS upgrade card, and a collection of targets and mats for:
• ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control
• AVM – Around View Monitoring
• BSD – Blind Spot Detection
• LDW – Lane Departure Warning
• Lidar – Light Imaging Detection and Ranging
• NVS – Night Vision System
• RCW – Rear Collision Warning
The package also includes the Digital Measurement Laser Kit.

The Standard frame is ideal for in-house calibriation or for use with an alignment machine. 

ADAS ALL SYSTEMS 2.0 Package contents
Standard Frame Kit 
Digital Measurement Laser Kit
LDW 1 Kit
LDW 2 Kit
LDW 3 Kit
CAL 1 and CAL 3 kits
CAL 2 Kit for both frames
CAL 4 Kit
ADAS Upgrade Card