ATS eSCOPE Elite8 with the Surface Pro 7 Tablet

Harness the power of 8 channels!


Includes Revolutionary CKP misfire software!


► Capture All Data: ATS’ unique circular buffer system does not drop data. No data gap will ever be present on our scopes; this means you will never lose data that occurs between samples on an intermittent fault or fail to capture the vehicle’s faulty event.

► Ultra Sharp Wave-forms: No need for filters that can mask data. ATS designs our scopes so the signal is accurate and clean.

► Dual Time Base: This allows two different frequencies to be displayed on one screen with two different scope displays, simultaneously. This also allows separate triggers and/or trigger modes on each time base. It’s like having two scopes in one.

► Pull Down Circuit: A Controlled pulse that sinks power from vehicle circuit to ground. Control circuits like ignition coils, fuel injectors and solenoids.

► TTL Output: Sends a 0-5v square wave signal out of scope. Turn on devices such as ignition coil drivers, test vehicle’s circuits, and test vehicle’s circuits for loading.

► Automatic Test Lead Connection Detection: This unique feature allows you to know the scope lead has a good connection. “Red”= Bad connection. “Green”= Good connection. It’s that easy!

► No Time, Voltage, or Trigger Setup Needed: With the powerful Deep Record function, you can grab a large amount of data without any setup at all. Then simply zoom in to see what happened! Turn signals on/off, and rearrange waveforms as you wish. Saved files can be reopened and manipulated in the same way at any time.

► Automatic voltage attenuator: Just change the voltage setting and the scope does the rest.

► Pressure Transducers: Drives four pressure transducers at once with full pressure/vacuum conversions.

► Patented Overlay Technology: ATS’ unique programming overlays an engine cycle grid over your waveforms. Works great with pressure transducers!