ATS eBOB DLC Breakout Box

What? The car won’t talk?

The scan tool can’t make a connection at the Data Link Connector (DLC)? This could get ugly. Time to call in the eBOB.

Communications Problems – What do you do when you are having communications problems with a vehicle or the scan tool cannot connected to the vehicle? The quickest solution is to connect a Break Out Box (BOB) to the vehicles Data Link Connector (DLC) and connect an oscilloscope to the bus lines in question. This will give you the answers that you need for a quick accurate diagnoses.

Plug and Play – Quickly attach the eBOB to the vehicles DLC for bus voltage testing. Then the eBOB’s smart circuit illuminates colored LEDs to let you know what’s working–and what isn’t! eBOB includes LEDs for Power, Grounds, and Communication lines. Vehicle bus lines can be monitored without creating interference on them. Your scan tool plugs into eBOB’s cable extension. Convenient banana jack test ports in the console let you test circuits with a meter or scope–while they work.

Jumper power or GND – If the fuse that supplies power to pin 16 is blown and the scan tool uses this as it power source you will have a no communication problem. It can take some time to locate the fuse for replacement. So we’ve included a handy 15 foot fused jumper wire to let you quickly power pin 16 so your scan tool can be powered up to read the vehicles DTC’s.

► Finds communication problems FAST!
► Connects to the OBDII diagnostic connector (DLC).
► Scan tool connects to DLC Breakout Box allowing a testing interface.
► LEDs indicate power, grounds, and signals.
► LEDs will flash indicating protocol being used – ISO-9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 (PWM and VPM) and CAN Bus types.
► Banana jacks allow easy entry to test circuits fast with an oscilloscope.
► Kit includes 15 ft fused jumper wire (if vehicle fuse is blown or ground connection to DLC is bad, jumper wire can be used to quickly power or ground scan tool).