ATS BULLSEYE Leak Detector with IR Standard Kit

Includes all the essentials for finding EVAP, tire, head gasket and sealed system leaks. Note: the BULLSEYE Leak detector with IR standard kit does not include the BULLSEYE A/C CO2 Charge Hose Kits LDT1350 & LDT1355 (used for AC leak detection) or the BULLSEYE Air Ride Suspension Test Kit LDT1370 (for Voss systems). These items may be ordered in separately.


FINDS LEAKS in all sealed systems in just 3 easy steps

1. The BULLSEYE CO2 regulator pressurizes the sealed system.

2. The BULLSEYE Leak Detector finds the area of the leak.

3. The BULLSEYE Leak Seeker Foam changes color to pinpoint the leak.

•The only system that quickly and precisely locates leaks of all sizes, large to very small!

 •The vehicle has a leak and then indicates the size of the leak.

 •The only system that directly controls ALL vent & purge valve solenoids at the push of a button.


Finds leaks in EVAP systems, A/C systems, engine cooling systems, head gaskets, tires and wheels, air ride suspensions, air brakes, and much more…