ATS 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner

The purchase of 3C Intelligent Induction cleaner includes 10 cases of chemical. Each case includes 4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C; enough for 40 cleanings.

Gasoline Engine Cleaning System


3C Intelligent Induction CleanerTM (patent pending) Removes heavy carbon deposits from the unique carbon types that occur within the gasoline based internal combustion engine. The 3C gasoline engine cleaning system is specifically designed for the ATS 3C gasoline chemicals. The 3C microprocessor is programmed with a run profile that commands the 3C chemical to be delivered into the gasoline based induction system where it can best reach all carbon sites within the engine. This allows for superior carbon removal from Gasoline Port Injection (GPI), Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), E85, and CNG engines. The 3C system quickly attaches to an induction port on the engine. The 3C microprocessor then delivers a customized measured amount of carbon removing chemical in timed intervals into the induction system thus removing heavy carbon deposits from the induction system and combustion chambers. The 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner™ is used to prevent carbon deposit build up in the gasoline based engine. All GDI engines accumulate induction carbon deposits rapidly so the engine should be cleaned every 30,000 miles as routine maintenance to keep these deposits from creating performance issues with the engine. The purchase of 3C Intelligent Induction cleaner includes 10 cases of chemical. Each case includes 4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C; enough for 40 cleanings. The 3C system will not foul spark plugs and will not damage the catalytic converter.

Chemical LayeringTM (patent pending)

Removes more carbon because it alternates the chemical mixtures applied to the induction system. The first chemical mixture is delivered for a predetermined period and is then shut off, giving the chemical time to soak the carbon and  allowing the exhaust system time to cool. The second chemical mixture, delivered in the same way, works together with the first chemical to remove even more carbon. Then, a third chemical that works to remove carbon that chemicals 1 & 2 may have left is applied completing the induction cleaning process. This cleaning process takes less than 20 minutes. This chemical layering system will remove far more carbon from the engine than other cleaning systems, thus improving the engine’s performance and fuel economy.

Micro-Burst Injection TechnologyTM (patent pending)

Has solenoids that deliver the maximum amount of chemical during the cleaning process while still allowing the engine to run well. The 3C microprocessor delivers 48 ounces of chemical into the engine’s induction system in less than 20 minutes. This amount of chemical allows heavy carbon deposits to be removed from the induction system and combustion chambers of the engine.

Air Assist Injection NozzleTM (patent pending)

Delivers chemical in small droplets that are suspended and carried to the carbon deposits by the engine’s air flow. This air assisted nozzle is superior to any other nozzle available for carbon removal. Its unique design uses an air chamber with a mixing chamber that provides for complete and even distribution of carbon removing chemistries within the engine. The air assisted nozzle is easy to install; simply remove a vacuum hose from the induction system then connect the air assisted nozzle to the vacuum port. Once installed a microprocessor will deliver the carbon removing chemistries to the engine.

3C Running SensorTM (patent pending)

Allows the 3C microprocessor to monitor the engine’s running state in order to protect the engine during automated application; engine off state, engine crank state, engine running state. If the engine is shut off or dies during engine cleaning the chemical delivery is stopped until the engine is running again and the service personnel restarts the cleaning cycle.

3C Safety Alert SystemTM (patent pending)

Monitors various parameters such as chemical pressure, air delivery pressure, supply voltage levels, and if there is a problem detected alerts the service personal with audible and visual alerts.