AE Tools & Computers Invisible Key Signal Tester

The AE Invisible Signal Tester is the easiest way to diagnose problems relating to the vehicle immobiliser system.

The AE-IST fully tests:
Transponder Keys
Remote Control Operations
External Vehicle Antenna Transmitters
Internal Vehicle Antenna Transmitters
Transponder Antenna Transmitters

The AE-IST displays
Signal levels
Frequency measurements
Signal waveforms
…and more.

Features Include:

  • Standard transponder key testing
  • Infra Red (IR) remote control testing
  • Radio Frequency (RF) remote control testing
  • Proximity/Smart Key Testing
  • Proximity/Smart Vehicle Antenna Transmitter Testing
  • Proximity/Smart Key Signal Amplitude Level Indication
  • Transponder Frequency Indication
  • Oscilloscope waveform function (FAST & SLOW)
  • Proximity/Smart key system scan modes
  • Audible signal indication
  • Transponder Vehicle Antenna Testing

AE-IST hardware and carrying case.
AA Batteries Required.